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What We Do

Front Row Filmed Entertainment is one of the leading independent film distributors based in the MENA region. With a passion for enriching the cinematic landscape of the Middle East, Front Row has become a leading player in the industry and has single-handedly created a market for films and genres that previously did not exist in the region.

Front Row Filmed Entertainment takes pride in being a vital link between filmmakers and audiences in the region. They work tirelessly to ensure that movie enthusiasts in the UAE and neighbouring countries have access to a wide array of high-quality cinematic experiences. By fostering collaborations with global content creators, Front Row has earned a reputation for introducing ground-breaking films that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Beyond film distribution, Front Row is deeply committed to supporting and promoting the growth of the local and regional film industry. Their active involvement in film festival activities demonstrates their dedication to nurturing emerging talent and encouraging cultural exchange within the filmmaking community. Front Row also maintains long term deals with the major Hollywood studios and independent film studios as well as first-rate producers. The company currently runs a slate of original films and series, both unscripted and scripted.

Embrace the magic of cinema with Front Row Filmed Entertainment and stay updated on their latest contributions that elevate the art of filmmaking in Dubai and beyond.

A person holding a clapper board during a Front Row Filmed Entertainment production

Our Team

Gianluca Chakra

Founder & CEO

Nicolas Torloting

Carine Chaiban

Director, Post-Theatrical Sales

Elie Touma

Acquisitions & Distribution Director

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Key Licensors

Key Licensors

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