10 Oscar Underdogs Who Stand the Best Chance at Gold

Andrew Garfield

Category: Best Actor Awards: Nominated for Best Ensemble for SAG for “The Social Network,” and for Best Actor for “Hacksaw Ridge” for the BAFTAs, Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, SAG and the Oscars. Last Hit: Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” ($67 million domestic) Movie: “Breathe” (Bleecker Street)

Bottom Line: Garfield earned raves for portraying polio-ridden quadriplegic Robin Cavendish, but mixed reviews and treacly marketing for this Andy Serkis true drama took their toll with a weak opening weekend  (and a low-attendance official Academy screening). But Garfield is on a roll: He earned raves for his recent roles as a starving missionary in Japan in Martin Scorsese’s “The Silence” and Prior Walter in the National Theatre’s “Angels in America.” Quotes:  “Robin was unconventional, eccentric, awake to absurdity and the cosmic joke. It was a remarkable thing to experience for a short time, to find it as you go. After the choice to live, Robin finds, with the help and love of Diana and those around him, that his life force slowly starts to come back. l found that because my body was inert, all that energy, life force, and chi has to find somewhere to go and was expressed in the face. There was something liberating about that. Usually with film acting, you fear finding that something is too much, but there was no such thing as being too much for Robin. His only vehicle was his face and eyes and that struggle to express himself with his voice. He got good at using his ventilator like an instrument.”