“Eighth Grade” and “Sorry to Bother You”: Movies to see in July

Welcome to July! Now that we’ve full on entered the second half of the year, the films will again start to take two very distinct shapes. On one end of the spectrum will be the summer blockbusters, which have already been going on in earnest, while on the other side will be the smaller movies that are potentially looking to pick up some awards buzz. In fact, July usually is a perfect example of that. We have a Marvel movie hitting screens and some action flicks, along with at least one title that wants to try and contend for Oscars. The films overall are pretty solid, which I can vouch for, having seen a fair amount of them. Read on for some recommendations…

Here now are what I think are the ten best bets for July: 10. Shock and Awe – Rob Reiner gives his take on a Spotlight-style film here. Armed with Woody Harrelson and James Marsden (along with Reiner himself in a supporting role), this showcases journalists questioning the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq. Re-litigating that could set a fire inside Reiner, who hasn’t had a hit in some time. I’ll be watching it soon, so if it’s notable in any way, look for my take.