Elle Fanning, Ben Foster find love amid bloody escape in haunting Galveston trailer

Home to brine-washed piers dotted with comfort food and amusement park rides, the beaches of eastern Texas have long provided a sun-kissed escape for southbound tourists. But the trailer for actress–director Mélanie Laurent’s new thriller Galveston frames a (bloody) escape of a different kind for two unlikely lovers against the backdrop of her latest film’s titular locale.
Based on True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto’s novel of the same name, Galveston follows a boozy hit man named Roy (Ben Foster) who becomes the victim of a double-crossing scheme. Outsmarting his foes, however, Roy beats his would-be assassins to the punch, and reluctantly frees a fellow target, Rocky (Elle Fanning), and escapes with her in tow. The pair eventually seeks refuge in the seaside city, though Rocky unexpectedly embroils a child in their runaway plot while Roy’s former boss tracks them down.