Galveston Isn't A Typical Love Story — & That's Why Mélanie Laurent Decided To Direct It

What happens when you take two people of incredibly different backgrounds and disposition and put them in a confined space for an extended period of time? A story. That's what happens. And perhaps that's why the category of road trip movies — from Planes, Trains and Automobiles to Y Tu Mamá También — contain such memorable sequences.

Even among this set, Galveston, out October 19, stands apart. In another director's hands, Galveston would be a gritty, bleak crime film about two misfits on the run. But French director and actress Mélanie Laurent has fashioned a feelings-driven thriller by refashioning the familiar ingredients of a road trip film, and adding heart. The travelers in question are Roy (Ben Foster), a dying hitman escaping his mobster boss, and Rocky (Elle Fanning), a 19-year-old sex worker who Roy rescues from a shoot-out. Somewhere between the stretch of flat road between New Orleans to Galveston, TX, they leave their baggage behind them — or, at least, they try. We spoke to Laurent about creating an American movie with a French soul, the challenges of making her first English language movie, and why not all love stories are necessarily romantic.