'Old Man and the Gun' movie review: Robert Redford's near-perfect farewell

Earlier this year, Robert Redford made news when he announced that the equally charming and wistful caper film "The Old Man and the Gun" would mark his final on-screen appearance. Since then, he has walked back that statement a touch, calling it "a mistake" in an interview with Variety, so it's anybody's guess whether he means it.

But personally, I hope he's done. That's not because I don't enjoy seeing Redford work. All these years later, I certainly do. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Sting" remain on my go-to list of films to re-watch when in need of a lift. His near-wordless performance in 2013's "All Is Lost" still strikes me as a thrilling cinematic high-wire act. Rather, I hope it's true because director David Lowery's stylish "Old Man and the Gun" -- which wears its 1970s cinematic sensibilities handsomely -- would serve as a perfect career capper for a Hollywood legend of Redford's stature.