Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon Impersonate Mick Jagger & Michael Caine In First Clip From ‘The Trip To Spain’

It may not have anybody wearing spandex or teasers hidden after the closing credits, but “The Trip” is a legit franchise. After the breakout smash of the first film, director Michael Winterbottom and stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reteamed for “The Trip To Italy.” It was another success and now they’ve packed their bags, once again headed abroad, and this time will be giving audiences “The Trip To Spain.” And it looks like they haven’t missed a beat.

This new clip from the upcoming series (remember, U.S. audiences get a much shorter theatrical cut of the longer U.K. show) “The Trip To Spain” brings out the now standard Michael Caine impression, but filtered with a little bit of Mick Jagger. And course, it’s great fun.

“The Trip to Spain” will hit Sky Atlantic in the U.K. next year, but no word yet on when we’ll be getting the film version.